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Conductive Plastic Master Batches

NNN®  EMI-Shield TM conductive plastic master batches are made from very fine, chopped EMI-ShieldTM stainless steel fibers and polyester, used as additives in ABS, EVA, NYLON, PC, PE, PA, PBT, PET, PPS, PPOS, and ABS to produce conductive plastics.

Conductive plastics are new functional plastics that have the properties of anti-static and anti-electromagnetic interference, etc. 

Conductive plastics are widely used in making anti-static casing and sheathing in electronics and micro-electronic components in communications equipment, medical devices, and specialized products for the petrochemical, military, automobile, and aerospace industries. 

 Benefits of conductive plastics made by adding EMI-Shield TM master batches are: 

1) Wheels and castors made of the conductive plastics on office chairs and suitcases will not discharge static. 

2) Static will not occur to motor vehicle fuel filters made of the conductive plastics as the fuel flows through it. 

3) Cell phones and pagers made of conductive plastics will be shielded from electromagnetic interference(EMI).  

4) Portable measurement tools made from the conductive plastics will not be interfered by or disrupted by electromagnet waves.  

EMI-Shield TM conductive plastic master batches are easily dispersed into polymers homogenously. Plastics will maintain their basic properties and color. EMI-Shield plastics can be extruded or molded, reinforced and recycled.

Product Features:

1)      Anti-static performance

2)      Anti-electromagnet interference performance

3)      Improved light resistance and thermal resistance

4)      Significant polymer matrix compatibility

5)      Nominal influence on  processing of matrix materials.

6)      No loss in physical/mechanical properties of the product.

7)      Modified plastic can be injected, extruded, or molded.

8)      Nominal effect on color.

9)      Good chemical resistance and no-toxic

10)  Recyclable.

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